• Enter chemical names such as Sulfuric acid, Ammonia, Chlorine or Sulfate ion, or a chemical formula: H2SO4, H2O or NH3.
  • For molecular ions use format: [NH4]+, [N3]- or [SO4]2-.
  • A narrow search finds the exact string and is case sensitive: Co & CO are distinguished, Water is found but water is not.
  • The default broad search finds the contained string and is not case sensitive.
  • We would advise: first use broad searchs to find a chemical entity name or formula, then refine with a narrow search The broad search off.
  • When both fields are filled the set of reactions involving both sets of entities is shown.
  • Try using the narrow search and pairs of common entities such as: Sodium, Hydrogen, Water, Chlorine, NH3, SO2, PCl3, CH4, etc.x

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