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Chemical Entities Containing:
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Adularia Wikipedia
Al 3 21 Wikipedia NIST
Al(CH2CH3)3 2 3 Wikipedia NIST
Al(CH3)3 Wikipedia NIST
[Al(H2O)3(OH)3] 4 3 NIST
[Al(H2O)6]3+ 2 6 NIST
Al(O(CH3)2CH)3 1 Wikipedia NIST
Al(OH)3 2 11 Wikipedia NIST
[Al(OH)4]- 8 Wikipedia NIST
Al(OiPr)3 1 Wikipedia NIST
Al2(SO4)3 2 2 Wikipedia NIST
Al2O3 15 12 Wikipedia NIST
Al3+ 3 6 NIST
Al3Cl6 1 Wikipedia NIST
AlBr3 1 1 Wikipedia NIST
[AlBr4]- NIST
AlCl3 5 34 Wikipedia NIST
AlCl3.6H2O 3 NIST
[AlCl4]- 16 4 NIST
AlEt3 2 3 Wikipedia NIST
AlF3 4 1 Wikipedia NIST
[AlF4]- NIST
[AlF6]3- 1 NIST
AlH3 2 Wikipedia NIST
[AlH4]- 1 2 NIST
AlI3 1 Wikipedia NIST
[AlI4]- NIST
AlN 1 Wikipedia NIST
Alum 1 Wikipedia NIST
Alumina 15 12 Wikipedia NIST
Alumina trihydrate 2 11 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium 3 21 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium bromide 1 1 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium chloride 5 34 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium chloride dimer 1 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium chloride hexahydrate 3 NIST
Aluminium fluoride 4 1 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium hexaaqua complex ion 2 6 NIST
Aluminium hexafluoride ion 1 NIST
Aluminium hydride 2 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium hydroxide 2 11 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium hydroxide, hydrated 4 3 NIST
Aluminium iodide 1 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium ion 3 6 NIST
Aluminium isopropoxide 1 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium nitride 1 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium oxide 15 12 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium potassium sulfate dodecahydrate 1 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium sulfate 2 2 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium tetrachloride anion 16 4 NIST
Aluminium tetrahydroxy ion 8 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium triaquatrihydroxy complex 4 3 NIST
Aluminium, diethyl cyanide 1 NIST
Aluminium, diisobutyl hydride 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminium, trimethyl Wikipedia NIST
Aluminum 3 21 Wikipedia NIST
Aluminum alloy 3S Wikipedia NIST
Aluminum bronze Wikipedia NIST
Aluminum-silicon 43 NIST
Alumstone Wikipedia
Alunite Wikipedia
Amblygonite 1 Wikipedia
Analcime Wikipedia
Analcite Wikipedia
Augite Wikipedia
Axinite Wikipedia
Bauxite 2 Wikipedia
Beryl 1 Wikipedia
Biotite Wikipedia
Boehmite Wikipedia
Bronze, aluminum Wikipedia NIST
Cancrinite Wikipedia
Ceramic fiber
Ceramic wool
Chabazite Wikipedia
Chlorine tetrachloroaluminate 1 1 NIST
Chlorite group Wikipedia
Chrysoberyl 1 Wikipedia
Clinozoisite Wikipedia
Cordierite Wikipedia
Corundum Wikipedia
Corundum Wikipedia
Cryolite 3 2 Wikipedia NIST
Cryolite Wikipedia
Diaspore 1 Wikipedia
DIBAH 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Diethyl aluminium cyanide 1 NIST
Diisobutylaluminium hydride 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Disthene Wikipedia
Dowmetal O NIST
Dumortierite Wikipedia
Epidote Wikipedia
Euclase Wikipedia
Ferro-aluminum NIST
Fiber, ceramic
Fiber, rock Wikipedia
Fiber, slag
Garnet group Wikipedia
Glaucophane Wikipedia
Gold, purple NIST
H3Al 2 Wikipedia NIST
Harmotome Wikipedia
Haüyne Wikipedia
Heulandite Wikipedia
Hexaaquaaluminium complex ion 2 6 NIST
Hexafluoroaluminate ion 1 NIST
Hornblende Wikipedia
Hydrated aluminium hydroxide 4 3 NIST
Idocrase Wikipedia
Isopropoxide, aluminium 1 Wikipedia NIST
Jadeite Wikipedia
Kalinite 1 Wikipedia NIST
Kaolinite Wikipedia
Kyanite Wikipedia
LAH 3 31 Wikipedia NIST
Laumontite Wikipedia
Lazulite Wikipedia
Lazurite Wikipedia
Lepidolite 1 Wikipedia
Leucite Wikipedia
LiAlH4 3 31 Wikipedia NIST
Lithal 3 31 Wikipedia NIST
Lithium aluminium hydride 3 31 Wikipedia NIST
Lithium tetrahydridoaluminate(III) 3 31 Wikipedia NIST
Lithium tri-tert-butoxy aluminium hydride 1 NIST
Magnalium Wikipedia NIST
Microcline Wikipedia
Mineral wool Wikipedia
Muscovite Wikipedia
Na3AlF6 3 2 Wikipedia NIST
NaAl(OH)4 2 1 NIST
NaAlH4 Wikipedia NIST
NaAlO2 1 Wikipedia NIST
Natrolite Wikipedia
Nepheline Wikipedia
Nosean Wikipedia
Noselite Wikipedia
Orthite Wikipedia
Orthoclase Wikipedia
Petalite 1 Wikipedia
Phlogopite Wikipedia
Piemontite Wikipedia
Plagioclase Wikipedia
Potassium alum 1 Wikipedia NIST
Potassium aluminium hydride NIST
Prehnite Wikipedia
Purple gold NIST
Riebeckite Wikipedia
Roberts-Austen alloy NIST
Rock fiber Wikipedia
Rock wool Wikipedia
Ruby Wikipedia
Sanidine Wikipedia
Sapphire Wikipedia
Scapolite group Wikipedia
Slag fiber
Slag wool
Sodalite Wikipedia
Sodium alanate Wikipedia NIST
Sodium aluminate 1 Wikipedia NIST
Sodium aluminium hexafluorate 3 2 Wikipedia NIST
Sodium aluminium hydride Wikipedia NIST
Sodium hexafluoroaluminate 3 2 Wikipedia NIST
Sodium tetrahydroxyaluminate 2 1 NIST
Spinel Wikipedia
Spodumene 1 Wikipedia
Staurolite Wikipedia
Stibite Wikipedia
Tetrabromoaluminate NIST
Tetrachloroaluminium ion 16 4 NIST
Tetrafluoroaluminate NIST
Tetrahydridoaluminate ion 1 2 NIST
Tetrahydroaluminate 1 2 NIST
Tetrahydroxyaluminate ion 8 Wikipedia NIST
Tetraiodoaluminate NIST
Thomsonite Wikipedia
Titanium alloy NIST
Topaz Wikipedia
Tourmaline Wikipedia
Triaquatrihydroxyaluminium 4 3 NIST
Triethylaluminium 2 3 Wikipedia NIST
Trimethylaluminium Wikipedia NIST
Turquoise Wikipedia
Vermiculite Wikipedia
Vesuvianite Wikipedia
Wavellite Wikipedia
Zeolite 9 Wikipedia NIST
Zoisite Wikipedia

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