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Chemical Entities Containing:
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Actinolite Wikipedia
Aegirine Wikipedia
Ankerite Wikipedia
Anthophyllite asbestos Wikipedia
Arsenopyrite 1 Wikipedia
Arsenopyrites 1 NIST
Asbestos, anthophyllite Wikipedia
Asbestos, tremolite Wikipedia
Augite Wikipedia
Axinite Wikipedia
Bauxite 2 Wikipedia
Biotite Wikipedia
Bis(butadiene)iron monocarbonyl 1 NIST
Blue gold NIST
Bornite 2 Wikipedia
Bromine tetrabromoferrate 1 1 NIST
Butadiene iron tricarbonyl 1 NIST
Cast iron, gray Wikipedia NIST
Chalcopyrite 2 Wikipedia
Chalybite Wikipedia
Chlorite group Wikipedia
Chromite 2 Wikipedia
Columbite Wikipedia
Copper pyrites 2 Wikipedia
Cordierite Wikipedia
Dicyclopentadienyliron 1 Wikipedia NIST
Diiron nonacarbonyl 1 Wikipedia NIST
Diopside Wikipedia
Dumortierite Wikipedia
Duraloy B NIST
Electrical steel Wikipedia NIST
Epidote Wikipedia
Erubescite 2 Wikipedia
Fe 9 5 Wikipedia NIST
[Fe(bipy)3]2+ 2 NIST
[Fe(C2O4)3]3- 2 NIST
Fe(CO)5 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
[Fe(H2O)3(OH)3] 5 1 NIST
[Fe(H2O)4(OH)2] 4 1 NIST
[Fe(H2O)5(OH)]2+ 1 NIST
[Fe(H2O)5(SCN)]2+ 1 NIST
[Fe(H2O)6]2+ 3 10 NIST
[Fe(H2O)6]3+ 6 9 NIST
Fe(NO3)3.9H2O 1 Wikipedia NIST
Fe(OH)2 1 Wikipedia NIST
Fe(OH)3 3 Wikipedia NIST
Fe2(CO)9 1 Wikipedia NIST
Fe2(SO4)3.5H2O 2 Wikipedia NIST
Fe2+ 4 29 NIST
Fe2O3 4 5 Wikipedia NIST
Fe3+ 9 11 NIST
FeBr2 Wikipedia NIST
FeBr3 1 1 Wikipedia NIST
[FeBr4]- 2 1 NIST
FeC2O4 1 1 NIST
FeCl2 2 1 Wikipedia NIST
FeCl3 2 9 Wikipedia NIST
FeCO3 2 Wikipedia NIST
FeCp2 1 Wikipedia NIST
FeF2 Wikipedia NIST
FeF3 Wikipedia NIST
[FeH6]4- 1 1 NIST
FeO 3 Wikipedia NIST
FeO.Fe2O3 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Ferberite Wikipedia
Ferric bromide 1 1 Wikipedia NIST
Ferric chloride 2 9 Wikipedia NIST
Ferric hydroxide 3 Wikipedia NIST
Ferric ion 9 11 NIST
Ferric oxide 4 5 Wikipedia NIST
Ferro-aluminum NIST
Ferrocene 1 Wikipedia NIST
Ferrotungsten NIST
Ferrous carbonate 2 Wikipedia NIST
Ferrous hydroxide 1 Wikipedia NIST
Ferrous ion 4 29 NIST
Ferrous oxalate 1 1 NIST
Ferrous oxide 3 Wikipedia NIST
Ferrous sulfide 5 1 Wikipedia NIST
Ferrous tungstate 1 NIST
Ferrum 9 5 Wikipedia NIST
FeS 5 1 Wikipedia NIST
FeS2.FeAs2 1 NIST
FeSO4.7H2O 1 2 NIST
FeTiH0.95 Wikipedia NIST
Fiber, rock Wikipedia
Fool's gold 2 Wikipedia
Franklinite 1 Wikipedia
Germanite 2 Wikipedia
Glaucophane Wikipedia
Goethite Wikipedia
Gold, blue NIST
Gold, fool's 2 Wikipedia
Gold, gray NIST
Gray gold NIST
Haem 1 Wikipedia NIST
Hematite 1 Wikipedia
Hexaaquairon(II) ion 3 10 NIST
Hexaaquairon(III) ion 6 9 NIST
Hexahydroiron(II) ion 1 1 NIST
Hornblende Wikipedia
Hypersthene Wikipedia
Idocrase Wikipedia
Ilmenite 1 Wikipedia
Ilvaite Wikipedia
Iron 9 5 Wikipedia NIST
Iron arsenosulfide 1 NIST
Iron cobalt alloy Wikipedia NIST
Iron pentacarbonyl 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Iron phosphate Wikipedia
Iron pyrites 2 Wikipedia
Iron titanium hydride Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) bipyridyl ion 2 NIST
Iron(II) bromide Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) carbonate 2 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) chloride 2 1 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) fluoride Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) hexahydrated ion 3 10 NIST
Iron(II) hexahydro ion 1 1 NIST
Iron(II) hydroxide 1 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) iodide NIST
Iron(II) ion 4 29 NIST
Iron(II) oxalate 1 1 NIST
Iron(II) oxide 3 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) sulfate heptahydrate 1 2 NIST
Iron(II) sulfide 5 1 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(II) tetraaquadihydroxy complex 4 1 NIST
Iron(II) tungstate 1 NIST
Iron(II,III) oxide 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) bromide 1 1 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) chloride 2 9 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) chlorosulfate 1 NIST
Iron(III) fluoride Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) hexahydrated complex ion 6 9 NIST
Iron(III) hydroxide 3 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) ion 9 11 NIST
Iron(III) nitrate nonahydrate 1 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) oxide 4 5 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) pentaaquahydroxy complex ion 1 NIST
Iron(III) pentaaquathiocyanato complex ion 1 NIST
Iron(III) sulfate pentahydrate 2 Wikipedia NIST
Iron(III) triaquatrihydroxy complex 5 1 NIST
Iron(III) tris(ethanedioate) complex ion 2 NIST
Jamesonite Wikipedia
Jarosite Wikipedia
Lawrencite 2 1 Wikipedia NIST
Lazulite Wikipedia
Lepidocrocite Wikipedia
Lodestone 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Magnesium hexahydroiron(II) complex 1 NIST
Magnet, neodymium Wikipedia NIST
Magnetite 1 2 Wikipedia NIST
Magnetite 1 1 Wikipedia
Marcasite 2 Wikipedia
Mg2FeH6 1 NIST
Mineral wool Wikipedia
Mischmetal Wikipedia NIST
Mispickel 1 Wikipedia
Nd2Fe14B Wikipedia NIST
Neodymium magnet Wikipedia NIST
Neodynium iron boride Wikipedia NIST
Nichrome wire Wikipedia NIST
Nickel-Iron Wikipedia
Olivine Wikipedia
Peacock ore 2 Wikipedia
Pentaaquahydroxyiron(III) ion 1 NIST
Pentaaquathiocyanatoiron(III) ion 1 NIST
Piemontite Wikipedia
Pyrite 2 Wikipedia
Pyrrhotite 1 Wikipedia
Rhodonite Wikipedia
Riebeckite Wikipedia
Rock fiber Wikipedia
Rock wool Wikipedia
Scorodite Wikipedia
Siderite Wikipedia
Silicon steel Wikipedia NIST
Stainless steel Wikipedia NIST
Staurolite Wikipedia
Steel Wikipedia NIST
Steel, silicon Wikipedia NIST
Steel, stainless Wikipedia NIST
Steel, sterling stainless T Wikipedia NIST
Steel, tungsten NIST
Sterling stainless steel T Wikipedia NIST
Tantalite Wikipedia
Tennantite Wikipedia
Tetraaquadihydroxyiron(II) 4 1 NIST
Tetrabromoferrate ion 2 1 NIST
Tetrabromoiron(III) ion 2 1 NIST
Tetrahedrite Wikipedia
Tourmaline Wikipedia
Tremolite asbestos Wikipedia
Triaquatrihydroxyiron(III) 5 1 NIST
Tris(ethanedioate)iron(II) ion 2 NIST
Tungsten steel NIST
Vesuvianite Wikipedia
Wolframite Wikipedia

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